is a promise for natural landscaping. Indoors and outdoors become one. Variable floor plans, diverse use situations and plug-in planting options create a seamless transition. With


you open up the space and create a living environment, in harmony with nature.


Whether it's a romantic garden or an oasis of well-being, there are no limits to your dreams for garden design.

We turn your ideas into concrete suggestions with our experience.

Find out about the different types of garden, see which style appeals to you. The first step to your dream garden is the exact planning of your garden design.

Modern garden design

is characterized by clear structures and puristic design.
Typical features:

Modern natural pools or swimming ponds are created in geometric shapes.
Concrete or natural stone are used in large-format steppe or terrace slabs, privacy elements or walls.
Wood is ideal for straight terraces or privacy elements.
Steel as edging for planting beds, paths and terraces; or as a privacy element, this raw material is often used.
In order to create a pleasant atmosphere or to set accents, plants, paths or the existing swimming pond area can be illuminated or lit.
Mediterranean garden design
Warm colors and natural materials describe this garden design.
Typical features:

Paved paths and plazas are made of natural stone.
Climbing plants in arches, planted pergola or privacy elements make for comfortable seating and invite you to linger.
Oleander and citrus plants, lavender, cypress, cherry laurel and company embody the Mediterranean feeling.
Classic garden design
Impresses with high quality, elegance and style.
Typical features:

The perfectly manicured lawn is the focus here.
Site-adapted planting beds with shrubs, grasses and perennials frame the green areas.
The connection between the individual landscaped areas is created by paths made of natural stone or concrete paving.
A small stream, spring stone, swimming pond or natural pool: water belongs in every garden.
Natural garden design
a carefully designed garden close to nature.

This includes the use of sustainable materials
such as wood.
A vegetable garden with vegetables and herbs arranged like a classic cottage garden, a sweet garden with currants, apples, raspberries and strawberries should not be missing.
Comfortable seating, small secluded garden sheds or a place for a hammock have a place in the natural garden.

Despite the often used design elements, each individual garden is unique; individually developed according to the wishes of our customers.

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