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Depending on the season, our team takes care of all gardening and garden maintenance, such as lawn mowing. Precise hedge pruning or hedge removal, any kind of green waste, tree felling, uprooting or scarification are all part of our daily work. Enjoy your sun lounger. Once the work is finished, we take care of compost disposal and garden waste disposal. Do you want to go on vacation? No problem, we will take care of the garden sitting for you.

Our employees perform a variety of home and garden work for you, both private and commercial:

Minor renovations
Gardening (lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weeding, planting, removal of green waste, ...)
Cleaning services

It's sunny weather in the garden and flowers and perennials are blooming. Festive mood and carefree joy of the garden. Well, if it weren't for the gardening! Whether you are privately or professionally tense, on vacation or just don't have the strength anymore, the garden doesn't take a break and needs to be cared for all year round.
The goal of maintenance is to preserve the original design and functionality of the garden. Whether it is weeding, controlling nuisance pests, mowing the lawn, removing moss, pruning shrubs, applying fertilizer or cutting down whole trees, planting flower bulbs or protecting all sensitive plants from frost and winter sun: you can devote all your energy to your daily business, because Your garden is well cared for.

Professional care of your garden by trained employees with extensive knowledge of plants.
Plant protection, fertilization measures and correct mowing will make your garden flourish.
Lawn, flower or herb meadows - we adapt to your wishes.
Green roofs are an important ecological contribution to your garden.
Irrigation systems and water technology will not let your garden down even when it is dry.
Installation, maintenance and care of robotic lawn mowers generate a lot of free time

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